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1. Roll out florist paste thinly. Using the largest cutter and pressing down firmly cut out your first layer. Repeat with the other 3 cutters. [You can use as many layers as you like to create your peony]
2. Frill the edges of your Peony on a foam pad using a ball tool
3. If you want to add grooves to your petals press down and drag outwards using a friller tool.
4. Put each layer in a paper cake case to dry thoroughly.
5. Once fully dried you can apply edible lustre powder if desired.
6. To assemble, apply edible glue to the centre of each peony layer and simply layer up.
7. Finish off your peony by either folding the smallest last layer inwards AS IT IS DRYING [see cream peony] or by using a small primrose / blossom / petunia flower cutter to make a flower and then bunch/ fold it together to glue into the centre.